The Rocketboys

Hi guys! I just wanted to say that you put on a great show!! I can't wait to see you all again. Since this is supposed to be a question, I just wanted to ask if you would consider coming to The Underground? It's an awesome venue in Cincinnati, OH. It would be awesome if you guys ended up playing there.

Keep up the great work !

The Rocketboys responded on 08/26/2013


Hey thanks so much for writing! We'd absolutely LOVE to come play in Cincinnati at The Underground! We've passed that along to our booking agency. In the meantime, we could use all the help we can get toward that end (and it's possible because of the size of the underground, we'd end up having to play somewhere else locally first) - calling local radio stations and requesting our music, telling The Underground that we're a band you'd like to see, telling any other promoters in Cincinnati that you think they should book our band, telling your church / college / etc, that they should book us, and of course telling all your friends to check out The Rocketboys! All of that may seem silly, but in new cities any help like that goes a long way toward making it happening in the first place and then being a really awesome experience for everyone.

Hope you have a great one, Tiffany and thanks again for writing!

Stay in touch, and hope to see you soon in Cinci!

-The Rocketboys

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