The Rocketboys

Hey guys! Might you be willing to donate a 30 minute set to our UT org, Against Cruel Trafficking? We are trying to spread awareness and it is part of a week long festival of sorts that is in partnership with local community orgs, namely Allies Against Slavery, Restore a Voice, and the UT School of Social Work. Last year the crowd grew quite a bit and we are expecting it to only grow more this year. I heard you guys when you played for Alpha Rev at Threadgills and was blown away. Also, I'm really loving the cd I got that night, Wellwisher. Seriously, sometimes I play it on repeat several times over. Every song is so incredible! Great music. Great message...More people need to know about you!

The Rocketboys responded on 09/11/2013

Thanks so much for reaching out and for the kind words - please contact The Rocketboys' booking agency ---

Take care!

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