The Rocketboys

Hi guys, I think you're very talented and handsome, fun question, what makes you guys laugh and are any of you ticklish? If yes, where and do you have tickly feet?

The Rocketboys responded on 11/16/2016

Thanks! :)

We have no trouble finding things to laugh about -- we amuse ourselves pretty easily on long van rides through our weird senses of humor (one time we drove overnight and arrived in a city around morning rush hour. We were cracking ourselves up yelling encouraging things at people clearly on their way to work like "Make today your day!" "Follow your dreams" "your hard work will pay off soon!").

Also we love watching TV shows like The Office, Key and Peele, Silicon Valley, Parks & Rec, etc.

Re: ticklish - we haven't had any tickle fights lately - next time one breaks out in the van, we'll report back on all the hot spots LOL!

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