The Rocketboys

I would love it, if y'all could make it down to Laredo, Texas! :)

The Rocketboys responded on 01/14/2013

If you know of any venues in town or promoters or anything like that in Laredo, please refer them to our booking agency! They can email to submit an offer.

If you don't really know anyone who does that personally, but do know of a music venue (or college or church) that ever has bands similar to The Rocketboys perform, you can email us at and let us know and we can pass that info along to our agency.

Lastly, it always helps us the more buzz there is - feel free to encourage friends to call radio stations and/or venues and promoters and stuff like that and tell them you want them to bring The Rocketboys down to Laredo.

Anything helps - email, twitter, facebook, personal contact, etc.

Thanks so much for writing, and we hope to see you down in South Texas very soon!


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